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Mandala Design Associates

Mandala Design Associates is an inter-disciplinary design and consultation firm engaged at the intersection of principles of economical design, built environments, and emerging public needs.
Mandala Design Associates
is intimately associated with the Eudaemon Institute and the Eudaemon Press. The documents, as well as various designs, offered in this MDA website have been designed to be predictors of theoretical emerging scientific, psychological-sociological, and public needs.
Mandala Design Associates
welcomes new members who are able to share its mission in combination with the fundamental philosophy of the Eudaemon Institute*

Mandala Design Associatesoffers these Services:


Sustainable Architecture-Environmental Design:


  • Simplicity of design
  • Efficient geometry based upon the Form Language
  • Structural principles of Natural Structure systems
  • Minimum-cost construction techniques
  • Disaster-resistance to Nature’s extremes (fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods,…)
  • Human Behavioral-emotional content
  • Symbolic content of designs


Landscape Design, with considerations for:


  • Mandala and sacred geometry principles
  • Local and indigenous plants offering Disaster Resistance to Nature’s Extremes (fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods…)


Presentations, Lectures, Workshops, and Seminars:


  • Principles of Cosmology
  • The true nature of Sustainability in Design
  • Catenatic Geometry
  • Nature’s Ecstatic Symbolic Language
  • Sacred Geometry


Mandala Design AssociatesSustainable and Disaster Resistant Designs.

Geometry is the essence of the Form Language and is based upon principles of efficient natural structures. Our approach is rigorous in that we concern ourselves with objective efficiencies, as well as aesthetic considerations.  The most valuable service we offer to you, as either a professional or amateur, concerns the methods by which you can develop truly sustainable disaster resistant designs, by using the most efficient geometries of the Form Language as a significant component in the design-construction process.

Because of the sustainable structural and design principles developed by MDA, we guarantee to save you from 5% to 25% on design-construction materials over any equivalent 90°, orthogonal, or rectangular design geometry.

The Main Menu on the right side of this page presents examples of past design, art, scientific, and technology work.

Please feel free to email MDA with questions, comments, or suggestions.


* Eudaimonia is both a goal and moral theory. Εὐδαιμονία is a classical Greek word commonly translated as "happiness". Etymologically, it consists of the word "eu" ("good" or "well being") and "daimon" ("spirit" or "minor deity".)  Eudaimonia has, at its core, Summum bonum, or highest good. See: wikipedia.org